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"And why not?"
a red rose
Last April 5 I've undergone an MRM. After all the biopsy results came in, I felt my world exploded. I couldn't believe nor accept. "Why?" or "Why me?" After all that was written about cancer, before my ordeal, I thought it was just a myth. Now it's a living nightmare. Day after day, after my operation I sank into desperation, depression, whatever ill feeling there is in existence, I think I felt it, even doubt about how good God is. My illness turned my whole life upside down. In my mind I thought the whole world would also stand still or stop somehow. I was wrong. The simple fact is - life goes on and on and on. One and a half month after my operation, after some soul-searching, God still wins. Yes because no matter who we are or what we do in life, that time will come, ready or not, when God says "it's time" it is time.

Flashbacks of Yolanda.. that dreadful typhoon which claimed lives of men, women, even children were not spared. Then I remembered children with cancer going through chemo therapies and other illnesses. Now when my thoughts would wander and somehow ask again "Why?" or "Why me?" an answer would bounce back "And why not?" This world that we're in is like grinding coffee to perfection, or like a blacksmith making a fine sword. Every person is dealing with a problem one way or another. God is busy working in our lives. He is definitely working on me. I know one day God will say "My work is finished." And I'd say "dear God thank you..."

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